Work is about to Start

Graffiti on tower roof

Inscription on tower roof

The builders will start work on Monday 28 April and the work will take about six months. It will take a few weeks before all the scaffolding and preparations are complete and building work will start. Then the builders will be hard at work on the South aisle roof and the tower roof and parapets.

There will be a lot of construction work because the temporary covering will have to be removed from the South aisle roof and a lot of carpentry carried out to repair the rafters that have been damaged over the centuries by damp, rot and death watch beetle. The opportunity will be taken to improve the gutters and some other features before a permanent covering is laid.

Tower roof graffiti (2)

Graffiti on tower roof

The tower roof requires less structural work. The lead covering should only need repair and re-laying. Every effort will be taken to preserve the historic graffiti on the lead. At the same time the drainage will be improved and stonework of the parapets and stair turret will be repaired. Unfortunately funds will not allow further repair of the tower stonework which we had hoped to carry out while the scaffolding is in place.

Services will continue in the church as usual as only the South aisle will be out of operation but the bells and clock will be out of operation for part of the time. There will be some inconvenience caused by deliveries as lories will have to use the approach road and get close to the churchyard gates.

The work will involve interference with the use of parts of the churchyard. There will be a secure compound for the builders in the churchyard ..There will be scaffolding on the south (far) side and west (tower) sides of the church. This scaffolding will be enclosed by security fencing which will prevent access to the memorials near the church, particularly the small area with plaques over interments of ashes against the south wall of the church.  Because of this the path on the west side past the tower will be closed. Regrettably this means that the only access to the Garden of Remembrance will be round the east (lower) side of the church. We realise this will be an unwelcome inconvenience but unfortunately it is unavoidable.

We are concerned about security as building works can attract thieves and vandals. It would be appreciated if you could look out for them and inform the police, vicar or me if you see anything suspicious. On working days between about 8am and 5pm the builders will be there and able to control this. Outside those times anyone on the church roofs or using ladders is likely to be up to no good.

Andrew Moffat