Vicar’s Book – Importing Faith

The Vicar, Glyn Ackerley, is about to publish a book this summer.

Glyn Writes… The book is called Importing Faith and is about the key principles that are sometimes advocated by Charismatic Church leaders. These ideas, Glyn argues, are not biblical ideas but have their real origins in American culture from the 17th-19th Centuries.

You may have visited churches where every week there’s an extra talk from the leader asking you to give extra money. The suggestion is if you give money to their particular ‘God blessed’ ministry then God will reward you by giving you 10 or even 100 times more.

You may have been to churches that suggest that God will heal anyone where they or those praying have enough faith. It is suggested sometimes that if a person is not healed that they themselves do not have enough faith, so they are at fault being guilty of unbelief.

My book looks at the cultural origins of these sort of beliefs and was stimulated by people who came to my Church from other churches when I was a Vicar in Chatham. Many of these people claimed that they had been ‘spiritually abused’ by the churches they came from.

Glyn has set up a web site (still under construction) where he hopes to present the book and a future book on the same issues  which will be less academic and more accessible to those not used to academic writing.

The Web link is,

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