Mobile phone base station – PCC decides

The PCC has decided to proceed with the proposal for a mobile phone aerial for in the church tower. It could not turn down this badly needed source of income without being in breach of its legal duties in the absence of sufficiently substantial reasons. Some parishioners generously tried to raise alternative income to compensate the PCC if it were to turn down the proposal but did not receive sufficient support from the village.

The next step is for the PCC to get a faculty (permission) from the Consistory Court of the diocese and if it obtains that it will enter into a contract with the operator. It will probably take several weeks for the faculty to be granted even if there are no objections.

This will not bring quite as much advantage to the village as had been hoped. There is only room in the tower for antennae for one operator which will be O2 and the services (such as Tesco Mobile) using its network. Also the upper part of the village (incl. Brewers Road and Pear Tree Lane) is unlikely to receive a signal as it is above the level of the church tower.