Mobile Phone Aerial in Church Tower

Shorne has always had very poor mobile phone coverage. Now, we understand, operators are required by law to fill in the gaps in their coverage. Two of them have selected our church tower as the most suitable site for an internal aerial covering Shorne. The Parochial Church Council is in the final stages of negotiations about this.

The present position is that the PCC has settled details of the installation with the operators’ agent and the diocesan authorities subject to making a final decision and the grant of a faculty (formal permission from the diocesan consistory court). No planning permission or listed building consent is needed.

Before the PCC takes a formal decision whether to apply for a faculty and enter into a formal agreement with the operators’ agent it wants parishioners to have the opportunity to find out more about the proposals and have an opportunity to comment on them.

It has therefore arranged a drop-in session in the church between 4 and 7 p.m. on Thursday the 17th August. Parishioners are invited to call in between these hours and meet a representative of the operators’ agent (who will be able to describe the proposals, try and answer any questions) and a member of the PCC will be there to take away any concerns expressed.

After that, and assuming the PCC decides to go ahead, it will apply for a faculty. To save time a formal notice of intention to apply for a faculty will soon be fixed to the church door but the application will not be submitted unless and until the PCC has made that decision.

Information can also be obtained from Andrew Moffat (PCC Secretary) Three Elms, Woodlands Lane, Shorne, DA12 3HH (01474) 822280