How the works will affect us

This post contains the text of an article in the May edition of the parish magazine.

By the time you read this the builders should be at work – they were due to start on 28 April. The work involves extensive repair and renewal to the south aisle roof and repairs to the tower roof and the stonework of its parapets. It is expected to take about six months.

Use of the church

During this time the south aisle will be closed but otherwise Sunday services and most other activities should continue more or less as normal though subject to some disturbance from the builders during the week. Arrangements have been made for the builders to stop work for funerals and weddings.

The work on the tower will prevent the clock operating and the ringing of the bells during most of the period of the works.

The Churchyard

The work will involve interference with the use of parts of the churchyard. There will be a secure compound for the builders to the east (lower) side of the churchyard gate between the wall and the path to the lower part of the churchyard. There will be scaffolding on the south (far) side and west (tower) sides of the church. This scaffolding will be enclosed by security fencing which will prevent access to the memorials near the church. The small area with plaques over interments of ashes against the south wall of the church can be visited during the builders’ working hours but visitors must contact the site foreman first as there may be work going on overhead.  Because of this the path on the west side past the tower will be closed. Regrettably this means that the only access to the Garden of Remembrance will be round the east (lower) side of the church. We realise this will be an unwelcome inconvenience but unfortunately it is unavoidable.

Parking & access

The builders will need to make deliveries to the church and this will involve lorries using the approach road between Butchers Hill and the churchyard gates. We hope this will not cause too much inconvenience to those who use it. Where we know when deliveries will take place we will try and warn those who live nearby and may ask them not to park there at certain times. As we do not know all the people who park there we cannot be sure of warning all those who may be affected. While we will try and keep inconvenience to a minimum this is a private road and, as far as we know, no one has a legal right to park there.


We are concerned about security as building works can attract thieves and vandals. It would be appreciated if you could look out for them and inform the police, vicar or me if you see anything suspicious. On working days between about 8am and 5pm the builders will be there and able to control this. Outside those times anyone on the church roofs or using ladders is likely to be up to no good.

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Andrew Moffat