The oldest part of the church is the north wall of the nave which contains an Anglo-Saxon double-splayed clerestory window high up above the arcade. The original church wopuld have consisted only of a nave and short chancel. A Romanesque style arch in the north nave wall is probably Anglo-Saxon and may have been inserted to give access to a porch or porticus (a room on the side of the church).

The first extension that still exists is the north aisle built around the end of the twelfth or early thirteenth century. Soon after it was extended eastwards beside the chancel and the chancel itself was extended to its present length. The next addition was the Randall Chapel on the south side of the chancel inthe late thirteenth or early fourteenth century. The south aisle to the nave and its arcade were built fifteenth century.

A transcription of the memorial inscriptions and some further information is contained in the following files which are in pdf format:

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