Annual Meetings

View / download agenda & papers for the Annual Meetings

The parish church’s annual meetings will be held on the 10th May 2021 at 7.30 pm. Because meetings, other than for public worship, are still not allowed in the church the meetings will be online using Zoom. The Zoom link for the meeting is:

If clicking this link does not work then typing it into your web browser should automatically take you to the meeting.

In case you need them:
Meeting ID: 893 4747 2844
Passcode: 655719

These meetings are an important part of the life of the church: we elect our lay leaders, receive accounts and reports, there is a chance to raise issues face to face with the Vicar and the PCC and there is the opportunity to discuss matters of concern. However the meeting cannot make decisions binding on the PCC. Technically there are two meetings, the Vestry Meeting when the churchwardens are elected and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM for short) when the rest of the business is conducted.

The APCM will elect four members to the Parochial Church Council (one for 2 years and three for 3 years) and  and nominations will be welcome, though nominations have already been received for all vacancies. There will be nomination forms in the church but if you are interested I will be pleased to speak to you or supply nomination forms. 

The only business of the vestry meeting is to elect two churchwardens. Again, nominations will be welcome though some have already been received.

To be nominated for any of these offices, a person has to satisfy a number of conditions; the main one is to be on the church electoral roll. To nominate someone you have to be entitled to attend the meeting where the election takes place – see the next paragraph.

Anyone on the register of local government electors for the parish or on the church electoral roll can attend and vote for churchwardens at the Vestry Meeting. Only those on the church electoral roll can attend and vote at the APCM. We are currently compiling a new church roll so if you would like to have your name put on it please contact me and I will supply an application form. Applications must be received by the 18th April.

If you would like a copy of the agenda, accounts and other papers they will be available in the church in the days before the meeting. and at the meeting. Also, you can obtain a copy from me:

Andrew Moffat (PCC Secretary)   –  (01474) 822280  –
Three Elms, Woodlands Lane, Shorne, Gravesend, DA12 3HH