Church Shop

We are in the season when gardeners are enjoying the fruits of their labours, many producing tasty fruit and vegetables. If you are one of them, do you have any spare that you can give to our church “shop”?.  We are inviting parishioners to leave produce in the church porch for others to buy by giving a donation to our Roof Appeal. There is no reason why it should be limited to fruit and veg. as other produce such a home made jam and pickles should be popular.

The church porch is usually locked during the week but if you are not attending a church service on a Sunday you can still call at the church and leave your contribution there; or give it to a  someone who is going to church.

The proceeds will go to the Roof Appeal.  So far we have raised £173,000 but still have £52,00o to raise by the end of the year to secure the grant that English Heritage has offered.