Sir Thomas Smythe’s Charity provides financial and pastoral support to people in need in areas of West Kent. These are usually older or disabled people. Applications are considered fro adults meeting all of the following requirements:

  • Live in one of the designated parishes – Shorne is one of these
  • Are receiving a state retirement pension or disability benefit
  • Live on a low income
  • Live in their own home as owner or tenant

These benefits are provided by a “Smythe Pension” or a one-off grant in a time of crisis. The charity is currently providing pensions to several people in Shorne.

To apply you should contact the local trustee. To arrange this either phone 020 7213 0562 or email or write to:

Grants Administrator
Sir Thomas Smythe’s Charity
Skinners’ Hall
8 Dowgate Hill

The charity is administered by The Skinners’ Company which has more information on its web site .


See the page for Shorne United Charities which has information about Sir Thomas Smythe.