Parishioners may not be aware that such a trust exists or that at present there are some modest funds available.

These are intended to be used for the benefit of young people of either sex under 25 years of age, resident in the Parish of Shorne, who may be in need of financial assistance in the furtherance of their education, training or future career.

Previously, the trust has assisted with fees for organ lessons, tools for an engineering apprentice, books for students etc.

The trust is administered by a group of Trustees, the Chairman being the Vicar, Rev. Glyn Ackerley.

If you feel the trust could be of benefit to you, please write, in the first instance, to the Secretary for the Trustees:-

Miss D. Mansfield
21 Hollands Close
Gravesend,    DA12 3EH

Registered charity number  307660


In 1645 Lady Eleanor Page, the widow of Sir William Page, died and by her will bequeathed the sum of £50 to be laid out in the purchase of land, the rents of which were to be used to apprentice poor children of the parish. This legacy did not have a smooth history. In the interruptions of the Civil War and the interregnum the gift seems to have been overlooked. Even after the Restoration the churchwardens had much difficulty with Lady Page’s executor, and it was not until 1693 that the parish at last succeeded in extracting the sum of £45 from his estate. This was used to purch-ase a piece of land at Gads Hill, and the rents of the land were used for many years, despite some neglect by the overseers and churchwardens, to apprentice poor children. The charity still continues separately from the other reorganised charities of Shorne.