High Five Club

For several years we have supported the High Five Club. This is a small charity based in Kent which helps  impoverished communities in wildlife areas of Africa. Its priorities are poverty reduction, education, health & nutrition, environmental and sustainable livelihoods. The leading lights in the charity are husband and wife team Dr Cheryl Mvula MBE and Manny Mvula. You can find out more on its web site. Below is more about what the charity is doing and events to support it.

Cake Bake & Fun Morning

Dennis Usher’s 6 year old grandson Jack will be baking some cakes and selling them to raise money for the High Five Club on Saturday 3rd June starting at 10.00am. Apart from cakes and drinks to wash them down there will be fun and games for everyone to enjoy. Jack’s cousin Isabel (12 years old) will be helping Jack, and if anyone wishes to contribute any cakes they will be much appreciated.

Please come and support Jack, Isabel and the work of the High Five Club while enjoying a piece of cake and having some fun. There will be an update in the May magazine and on the church notice sheets.

Supporting schools

The school in Zambia as it is now

High Five Club is raising money to construct 2 classrooms for a remote, rural school in  Zambia. The school is for 80+ 5-7 year olds and currently consists of 2 mud-walled rooms with a leaky thatch roof. The kids sit on mounds of earth as chairs, and their desks are also made out of compacted mud. £8,000 could provide 2 brick-built classrooms along with desks, chairs and a blackboard.

Providing fresh water

As access to clean water is the number one priority in rural Africa, the High Five Club has made
water provision in wildlife areas of Zambia one of its core deliverables. We are expanding our
reach year by year to bring safe, clean water to thousands of people in villages across the Luangwa
Valley. In line with our self-help ‘hand up’ approach to development, High Five Club provides the
funds to pay for the labour (all of our wells are hand dug using specialist local well diggers),
cement, metal chains, windresses (winding mechanism), lids for the wells and buckets, and the villagers themselves hand-make the bricks and collect the river sand needed to construct the walls
that line the wells. In this way ownership of the wells by the community is assured.

Download file to find out more (a pdf file so you will need Adobe Reader).


Church Open Day and “Ride & Stride”

The church was buzzing with conversation at the open day. We had about 40 visitors most of whom had afternoon tea and nearly thirty of them joined one of the conducted tours of the church to hear about the history of the building and its contents and also some of the people whose memorials ate there.

One of the visitors, from London, was a descendent of the Revd Caleb Perfect who was vicar at Shorne for 37 years in the 18th century. We also had a visit from the Bishop of Dover, the Rt Revd Trevor Wilmott and his wife Margaret. He is the patron of the Ride & Stride and was visiting some of the churches open for the event. They are shown in two of the photographs below, in one with Maureen and Peter Morten.

We were visited by 14 cyclists and walkers taking part in that event, the same as last year. It does not seem a lot but is typical for this area. Maureen and Peter Morten took part for us and visited 20 churches. Sponsorship was disappointing with only eight sponsors from the village. Although Maureen and Peter raised over £300 that was largely due to one large donation from outside. Nevertheless it is a valuable addition to the money raised by many others around the county for the repair of historic churches and half will be for our church.

We are grateful to those who gave up time to welcome visitors and help with the teas as well as Maureen and Peter for doing the hard work.

Christmas Flowers

The church is full of flower arrangements and decorations to celebrate Christmas. Shorne flower arrangers have put on a wonderful display as good as many flower festivals. See a selection below.