Harvest Service 2018

The harvest festival service was supported by about 30 children from Shorne Primary School and their parents. It was followed by a conker championship. The finalists were Holly and her Dad; after a long struggle, Holly’s Dad was the eventual winner – see the photos below.

The Shorne flower arrangers provided a wonderful display and there are photos of some of the arrangements below.

Harvest Supper 2018

Twenty gathered on Saturday evening for a meal of cottage pie, apple crumble/pie and coffee. Entertainment was in the form of three quizzes by our Vicar, Ted, when some of us came across dingbats for the first time. A group had worked hard doing the cooking, preparing the church and serving the food and we are grateful to them and mindful of those who are not privileged to eat so well.

Lent Course

The Holy Trinity was discussed at the first meeting of the Lent course on Wednesday. It is a central doctrine of our faith but not mentioned by name in the Bible. We looked at passages in the Bible that refer to it and discussed the relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are grateful to Pat and Graham Lewis for hosting the meetings. Next week, on 28th February, we will be discussing Jesus.

Starting next week the meetings will start earlier at 7.00 pm and they will end on 21st March, a week earlier than planned.

It is not too late to join us as each week’s discussion is to a large extent independent of the others. Just come along to 4 Warren View, Shorne and you will receive a warm welcome – and you will not be obliged to join in the discussion any more than you want to; why not give it a try? If you would like more information please contact the Vicar.

Future Events and Post Christmas Lunch

Post Christmas Lunch

Almost 50 people were in the church on Saturday to enjoy a hot roast beef lunch with apple pie or crumble dessert. It was a very friendly occasion and Sylvie, Ted and their helpers are to be congratulated in putting on such a fine meal and keeping the food hot in the church.

Future Events

We have a large number of social and other events planned for this year including:

  • Quiz nights
  • Coffee mornings
  • Lent course
  • Pre-Easter meetings & services
  • Sixties night

Check them out on our calendar page where you can find out more details – and remember to put them in your diary.

As usual you will find the major events listed first as ‘highlighted events’ with links to more information. These and other events and services are listed below in the full calendar.

If you follow our Facebook page you will receive reminders and reports on most of them in Facebook



Music Hall

How better to commemorate the First World War than by a music hall. A packed village hall enjoyed listening to and joining in old songs on Saturday the 18th November. There was even even a five minute pantomime with the Vicar as the prince and the fairy godmother and Sylvia (his wife) as Cinderella and ugly sister. Even the Mayor of Gravesham (Harold Craske) joined in as compere and sang a song.

The event was Shorne’s contribution to the commemoration by the churches in the Gravesend Deanery. Each is taking it in turn during the four years to put on an event to raise money half of which will go to Coventry Cathedral’s Community of the Cross of Nails which works for peace and reconciliation around the world and the other half to projects chosen by the parishes. The event raised nearly £400 plus a further £200 from the raffle.

Photographs by June Whittaker

Vicar & Sylvia celebrate their Ruby wedding anniversary

Congratulations to our Vicar, Ted Hurst, and Sylvia who celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary on Sunday. The congregation at the main service celebrated with them after the service as you can see in the photos below. Click a photo to see it full size. Photos by Angela Purdy.

Mobile phone base station – PCC decides

The PCC has decided to proceed with the proposal for a mobile phone aerial for in the church tower. It could not turn down this badly needed source of income without being in breach of its legal duties in the absence of sufficiently substantial reasons. Some parishioners generously tried to raise alternative income to compensate the PCC if it were to turn down the proposal but did not receive sufficient support from the village.

The next step is for the PCC to get a faculty (permission) from the Consistory Court of the diocese and if it obtains that it will enter into a contract with the operator. It will probably take several weeks for the faculty to be granted even if there are no objections.

This will not bring quite as much advantage to the village as had been hoped. There is only room in the tower for antennae for one operator which will be O2 and the services (such as Tesco Mobile) using its network. Also the upper part of the village (incl. Brewers Road and Pear Tree Lane) is unlikely to receive a signal as it is above the level of the church tower.

Mobile Phone Aerial in Church Tower

Shorne has always had very poor mobile phone coverage. Now, we understand, operators are required by law to fill in the gaps in their coverage. Two of them have selected our church tower as the most suitable site for an internal aerial covering Shorne. The Parochial Church Council is in the final stages of negotiations about this.

The present position is that the PCC has settled details of the installation with the operators’ agent and the diocesan authorities subject to making a final decision and the grant of a faculty (formal permission from the diocesan consistory court). No planning permission or listed building consent is needed.

Before the PCC takes a formal decision whether to apply for a faculty and enter into a formal agreement with the operators’ agent it wants parishioners to have the opportunity to find out more about the proposals and have an opportunity to comment on them.

It has therefore arranged a drop-in session in the church between 4 and 7 p.m. on Thursday the 17th August. Parishioners are invited to call in between these hours and meet a representative of the operators’ agent (who will be able to describe the proposals, try and answer any questions) and a member of the PCC will be there to take away any concerns expressed.

After that, and assuming the PCC decides to go ahead, it will apply for a faculty. To save time a formal notice of intention to apply for a faculty will soon be fixed to the church door but the application will not be submitted unless and until the PCC has made that decision.

Information can also be obtained from Andrew Moffat (PCC Secretary) Three Elms, Woodlands Lane, Shorne, DA12 3HH  aimoffat@btinternet.com (01474) 822280

High Five Club

For several years we have supported the High Five Club. This is a small charity based in Kent which helps  impoverished communities in wildlife areas of Africa. Its priorities are poverty reduction, education, health & nutrition, environmental and sustainable livelihoods. The leading lights in the charity are husband and wife team Dr Cheryl Mvula MBE and Manny Mvula. You can find out more on its web site. Below is more about what the charity is doing and events to support it.

Cake Bake & Fun Morning

Dennis Usher’s 6 year old grandson Jack will be baking some cakes and selling them to raise money for the High Five Club on Saturday 3rd June starting at 10.00am. Apart from cakes and drinks to wash them down there will be fun and games for everyone to enjoy. Jack’s cousin Isabel (12 years old) will be helping Jack, and if anyone wishes to contribute any cakes they will be much appreciated.

Please come and support Jack, Isabel and the work of the High Five Club while enjoying a piece of cake and having some fun. There will be an update in the May magazine and on the church notice sheets.

Supporting schools

The school in Zambia as it is now

High Five Club is raising money to construct 2 classrooms for a remote, rural school in  Zambia. The school is for 80+ 5-7 year olds and currently consists of 2 mud-walled rooms with a leaky thatch roof. The kids sit on mounds of earth as chairs, and their desks are also made out of compacted mud. £8,000 could provide 2 brick-built classrooms along with desks, chairs and a blackboard.

Providing fresh water

As access to clean water is the number one priority in rural Africa, the High Five Club has made
water provision in wildlife areas of Zambia one of its core deliverables. We are expanding our
reach year by year to bring safe, clean water to thousands of people in villages across the Luangwa
Valley. In line with our self-help ‘hand up’ approach to development, High Five Club provides the
funds to pay for the labour (all of our wells are hand dug using specialist local well diggers),
cement, metal chains, windresses (winding mechanism), lids for the wells and buckets, and the villagers themselves hand-make the bricks and collect the river sand needed to construct the walls
that line the wells. In this way ownership of the wells by the community is assured.

Download file to find out more (a pdf file so you will need Adobe Reader).


Our New Vicar’s Service of Institution

On the 5th January the church was full to welcome our new Vicar, Revd. Ted Hurst. He was ‘instituted’ into the post by the Bishop of Rochester the Rt Revd James Langstaff and is now  working part time as vicar and part time as a hospital chaplain at Darent Valley Hospital.

The procession forms
The procession to start the service
The Bishop & Churchwardens in the procession
Ted makes declaration of faith
Ted takes oath of allegiance
The Bishop's sermon
Kath, Angela & Mark present water, bread & wine
Julie presents the electoral roll
Maggie presents oil of healing
Ted responds to Bishop's questions
Inigo asks a question
The congregation offers its support
The Bishop anoints Ted
Ted is presented with the keys of the church
Ted tolls a bell symbolising taking office