Annual Meetings 2016

Parishioners received reports on the parish church’s activities during 2015 and elected churchwardens and PCC members at meetings on 26th April.

At the Annual Meeting of Parishioners Sandy Cackett and Jaqui Olid were re-elected as churchwardens to serve a second year. This was followed by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting when the reports, including annual accounts, were presented to the meeting. This was followed by electing Geoff Cook as an additional member of the Parochial Church Council and the re-election of the sidespersons and deputy wardens. Elections to other offices such as PCC Treasurer and secretary will take place at the next PCC meeting.

Among matters discussed were progress with the search for a new vicar which is in its early stages; it will take several months to complete and could even stretch into next year. The Ministry Team reported on the changes it was making to the regular services. The monthly All Age Worship is now held in the primary school where it seems to be attracting more children and the third Sunday service is now a more informal service without Holy Communion.

You can read the reports:

Accounts and reports

Ministry Team report


Mothering Sunday Service at the School

Mothering Siunday 2016

As a new venture the Mothering Sunday service was held at Shorne C of E Primary School and was supported by children from the school and their parents as well as our regular congregation. A feature was a “pop up” choir: children were invited to arrive half an hour before the service to practice a song (“He Came Down”) which they later sang, together with hand movements, with the regular church choir as you see in the photo.

It was a relaxed, informal service which involved children in other parts of the service such as readings and combined fun with worship. The success owed much to Dennis Usher, our lay reader, who led the worship, Rosemary Moore who directed the choir and Rita Sylvester who played the piano.

In view of its success we plan to hold more of our All Age Worship services at the school, though the next one will be in the church as it is to be combined with a baptism.



Vicar’s farewell

Glyn conducted his last service on Sunday before moving to become Vicar of Christchurch, Bushmead near Luton, Beds. He and Philippa will be missed after being our Vicar for six years, combining this role with Diocesan Director of Ordinands. A party from the church will be going to Bushmead on 1st February for his collation as Vicar there.

Shorne is now in “interregnum” until a new part time vicar is appointed. The procedure for finding a vicar is lengthy and will take several months. In the meantime the usual services will be held and conducted by local clergy. The usual special services such as weddings, baptisms and funerals will also be held. It will be a busy time for our churchwardens who will be running the parish.


Vicar moving to a new parish

Our Vicar, Revd Dr Glyn Ackerley, will soon be moving to a new parish: Christchurch, Bushmead near Luton, Beds. He has been our Vicar for just over six years and combined that with the post of Diocesan Director of Ordinands. Glyn will continue to conduct Sunday services until the 10am service on the 10th of January which will be his farewell service.

He is now on leave (apart from taking these services) until he moves so he will not be available to deal with pastoral and other matters. For help with any important pastoral or parish issues please contact one of the churchwardens by post or ‘phone or by using our contact form.

Glyn’s collation (this is induction where the patron of the living is a bishop) there will be on 1st February. If you are interested in attending please contact Jaqui Olid ( or 01474 824061). She is investigating arranging transport.

The PCC is now starting the process of finding a new vicar. This is likely to take several months. In the meantime visiting clergy will take services.

Christmas Flowers

The church is full of flower arrangements and decorations to celebrate Christmas. Shorne flower arrangers have put on a wonderful display as good as many flower festivals. See a selection below.

Easter Flowers

As usual the Shorne flower arrangers put on a wonderful display for Easter. Click on a photo for a larger version.

Vicar’s Book – Importing Faith

The Vicar, Glyn Ackerley, is about to publish a book this summer.

Glyn Writes… The book is called Importing Faith and is about the key principles that are sometimes advocated by Charismatic Church leaders. These ideas, Glyn argues, are not biblical ideas but have their real origins in American culture from the 17th-19th Centuries.

You may have visited churches where every week there’s an extra talk from the leader asking you to give extra money. The suggestion is if you give money to their particular ‘God blessed’ ministry then God will reward you by giving you 10 or even 100 times more.

You may have been to churches that suggest that God will heal anyone where they or those praying have enough faith. It is suggested sometimes that if a person is not healed that they themselves do not have enough faith, so they are at fault being guilty of unbelief.

My book looks at the cultural origins of these sort of beliefs and was stimulated by people who came to my Church from other churches when I was a Vicar in Chatham. Many of these people claimed that they had been ‘spiritually abused’ by the churches they came from.

Glyn has set up a web site (still under construction) where he hopes to present the book and a future book on the same issues  which will be less academic and more accessible to those not used to academic writing.

The Web link is,

To access copy and paste into your web browser.


Coffee & Cakes for Comic Relief

Coffee & cakes 2015 (3)Congratulations to Isabel Usher who organised a Coffee & Cakes morning in the church on 14th March in aid of Comic Relief. She and her helpers put on a fun morning with gorgeous cakes. She has sent this message:

I would like to give a VERY BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped me and Granddad to raise £358.06 for Comic Relief at the Coffee & Cake Morning at Shorne Church on Saturday 14th March. There may be some more money to come and it would be great to get it up to £400.00. I will let you know if we do it. We were given £38.00 by Granddad’s neighbours before we even started, so a big thank you to them too. So many people brought cakes of all flavours, shapes and sizes and we all had great fun painting balloons (Kiki won the prize), making paper aeroplanes, seeing how many marbles could be put in a hole in an upside down flowerpot (Inigo won the prize) and of course eating lots of cake and chatting to friends. I loved dressing up for the morning with Comic Relief funny nose, tee shirt, tights and bobbles for my hair. Granddad had a funny nose and a Comic Relief apron. Granddad and I are thinking of making cakes, jams etc on a regular basis to help raise money for the Church Roof Fund so if you would like to place an order please let Granddad know. Lots of love, Isabel Usher xx

STOP PRESS! Granddad has just telephoned me to say that we have had 4 more gifts of money and we have made it to £400.00! Thank you all so much.

There is a photograph on the Church of England’s Facebook page!

More pictures on our Facebook page

Mayor Visits War Graves

The Mayor of Gravesham, Cllr John Caller and the Mayoress visited Shorne churchyard for a short service of remembrance by the war graves conducted by the Vicar, Revd Dr Glyn Ackerley. This was part of a tour of war graves in the borough and he was accompanied by councillors and Adam Holloway MP.  Following the service the Mayor and others placed crosses and other tributes on the graves and Flanders poppy seeds were scattered on them.

The churchyard contains a number of graves of men who gave their lives in the two world wars four of which are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and mentioned on its web site. These are near the south east (far left) corner of the church and their inscriptions read:

SE/22545 Private Frank Noble Royal Army Vet. Corps 6th October 1914 + “Gone but not forgotten”

M/32520 Sergeant T A Bennett Royal Army Service Corps 23rd October 1920 age 26 + “Thy will be done Matt xxvi 42

7011358 L Cpl J C McCaul 19th June 1940 Age 28 + “We loved him dearly Our love shall not die”

<RAF> also Peter John Brown aged 20 who died June 1st 1941 in the service of his country

For more information about the war graves and the war memorial visit our churchyard page.

Click on the photos below to see larger versions.





Harvest Festival 2014

Harvest 2014 gifts narrow



Today’s harvest festival service was a great family occasion enjoyed by children and adults alike. In the Vicar’s sermon we learned where several exotic fruits came from (not Asda as one of the youngsters suggested) as part of our awareness of how well we are able to live in this country compared with so many others. We sang harvest hymns and learned the movements to “We want to see Jesus lifted high”. And, of course, children and adults presented gifts of food that will go to the Gravesham Foodbank. Unfortunately we have no photos of this as your correspondent forgot his camera and had to go home for it after the service.

After the service Mark Bottomley ran the Shorne “world” conker championship. We will have to accept it was sheer skill that resulted in Ivo and Inigo Bottomley being the finalists! – Ivo was the winner.This was followed by a two course lunch in the church before we went home to sleep it off. Thank you Philippa, Lucy and others for your hard work. The church had been beautifully decorated by the church and Shorne flower arrangers and photos of only a few of the arrangements appear below.