Alarm on the Roof

Theft of metal from church roofs has been a big problem for churches for some years – a problem not just for churches but also their insurers to the extent that Ecclesiastical Insurance’s standard cover for theft of metals is only £5,000; that does not go very far if a whole roof has to be re-covered. This means that measures to prevent these thefts are probably more important than insurance.

In preparation for the re-covering of the South aisle roof at St Peter & St Paul, as well as to protect the metal roof coverings elsewhere, a new sophisticated roof alarm has been installed. This will sense the presence of anyone on the roof and set of a loud alarm siren and flashing light as well as alert a monitoring service so the police can be called. The aim is to stop thieves before they do any damage rather than to catch them after the damage has been done, though “Smartwater” has been applied as well to assist in recovering metal if it is stolen. Ecclesiastical Insurance is promoting the use of this alarm and has doubled our cover for theft of metal.