A Mobile Phone Aerial in the Church Tower?

Shorne has always had very poor mobile phone coverage. Now, we understand, operators are required by law to fill in the gaps in their coverage. One of them has selected our church tower as the most suitable site for an internal aerial covering Shorne. The Parochial Church Council is in the early stages of negotiations about this.

The present position is that outline proposals have been produced and some informal consultations have taken place. The operator’s agents are now embarking on the processes required to satisfy the public authorities, principally the local planning authority and the Diocese.

The PCC has so far refrained from any public consultation until more detailed proposals are available. As the proposals are now in the public domain it is making this preliminary announcement. After the consultations with the authorities have been completed we should have detailed proposals for public consultation when a further announcement will be made.

The final step will be a formal application to the Consistory Court of the Diocese for a faculty which is a form of permission required for alterations etc. to consecrated property. It replaces listed building consent but takes into account much wider considerations. Public notice of this will be given and all parishioners will be entitled to make representations and objections.

Enquiries should be made to Andrew Moffat at aimoffat@btinternet.com or 822280. Please email him if you would like to be on our emailing list for receiving notifications about this.